Machine Guarding - How To Keep Your Workers Safe

Machinery is an important part of many industrial and commercial settings. It’s essential to keep workers safe by implementing the proper machine guarding techniques. In this blog post, we will discuss the basics of machine guarding and how you can ensure that your workers are safe while operating dangerous machinery.

What is machine guarding?

Machine guarding is the process of protecting workers from hazards while they are operating machinery. There are many different types of machine guarding devices, but the most common ones are barriers, enclosures, and safety switches.

Which kinds of machines need guarding?

Most types of machinery need some form of guarding. However, some machines are more dangerous than others and require more extensive guarding. Some of the most hazardous machines include:

  • power press brakes
  • shears
  • power sliding tables
  • drill presses

What are the benefits of machine guarding?

  • Reducing the risk of injuries
  • Reducing the severity of injuries
  • Improving worker productivity

How can I ensure that my workers are safe?

There are a few steps you can take to ensure that your workers are safe while operating machinery. Some of these steps include:

  • providing training on how to safely operate machinery
  • implementing proper machine guarding techniques
  • regular maintenance of machinery
  • following all safety regulations

By taking these steps, you can help to create a safe work environment for your employees. Implementing proper machine guarding techniques is an important part of keeping your workers safe and ensuring a productive workplace.

What are some common machine guarding devices?

  • Barriers: physical barriers that prevent workers from coming into contact with moving parts of machinery. 
  • Enclosures: similar to barriers, but they also help to protect workers from noise, dust, and other hazards. 
  • Safety switches: devices that shut off machinery if a worker comes into contact with a moving part.

How to Choose Machine Guarding 

When choosing the best machine guarding solution for your workplace, you need to consider the type of machinery involved, the hazards present, and the needs of your workers. Make sure to consult with safety experts to ensure that you are implementing the most effective machine guarding solution for your workplace. With the proper machine guarding in place, you can keep your workers safe and prevent accidents in your workplace.

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