About Work Safety QLD

Work Safety QLD is a privately owned Brisbane based business that offers free work safety templates, resources and advice about Work Health and Safety in Queensland.

We have over 14 years of experience throughout various industries, helping to provide insightful guides, free resources and information to business owners.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Work Safety QLD is to make Work Health & Safety Information in Queensland more accessible to workers, business owners and anyone with an interested in the construction industry!

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The Team Behind Work Safety QLD

Ryan Graham

Ryan Graham


Ryan has worked in the construction industry as a Work Health & Safety Officer for the past 16 years.

He has worked on hundreds of job sites accross Queensland for various businesses and trades, helping to write thousands of SWMS Templates, Work Health & Site Safety Management Plans and Safety Management Systems.

He is also the managing director of Brisbane based Digital Marketing company – RJG Mediaworks, and Explore SEQ – Your Guide To South East Queensland

Sheridan Watters

Sheridan Watters

Safety Advisor

Sheridan is an expert in basically anything to do with Work Health & Safety Documentation in Queensland.

She has assisted multiple construction businesses in Queensland with setting up site safety management plans, WHS management systems, SWMS and much more!

Sheridan also loves to draw comission art in her spare time, plus she assists with Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Management and  building websites for RJG Mediaworks!

Joanne Boyd

Joanne Boyd

Lead Writer

Joanne has worked as a professional copywriter and SEO for the past 15 years on various projects with RJG Mediaworks and as a soler trader. 

Aside from meticulously planning and organising things, Joanne’s interests also include drinking coffee, playing with her three children and reading books. 

Joanne also runs her own website over at Write That Downtips on how to plan and organise everything in the world and download some free templates to get started on your new best life. 

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