Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Access My Downloads?

Upon purchasing your product you will be emailed a link which you can click to download your product.

You can also view and re-download any previous purchases via the Purchase History page.

How Long Do I Have To Access My Downloads?

Download links will be valid for 72 hours after your purchase. If you have made a purchase and missed the deadline, contact us today for help.

How Can I Add My Logo & Customise My Documents?

Its super easy to add or delete information from any of our document templates. Read our blog post to learn How To Add Your Company Logo & Details To Our SWMS templates.

All of our products are available in either Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs or Google Sheets format and can be fully customised with your business logo and information.

You can use the free version of Microsoft Office Online to edit Microsoft documents, or the free version of Google Workspace to edit Google documents.

What Happens If The Legislation Changes?

At Work Safety QLD our team of qualified Work Health and Safety professionals work around the clock to ensure that all of our products are kept up to date with relevant Australian legislation.

Whenever a document within our library is updated, we send out an email update to all of our customers to inform them about the changes.

Existing customers will be offered a discounted price on any documents that have been updated to ensure you will only ever pay an upgrade fee.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Work Safety QLD ensures that every product download is thoroughly reviewed and of the highest quality. We make sure that all of our documents are written with Australian best practices in mind.

Our policy is to ensure that all of our products match their respective product descriptions and samples on our website. If for any reason you are not happy with the quality of your purchase, please let us know immediately and we will endeavour to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

If we are unable to resolve your issue with the product, a refund will be offered within seven days of purchase. If you prefer we are also able to offer store credit.

Please choose carefully before making your purchase as unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds for incorrect choice.

Will I Recieve An Invoice? / How Can I Download A Copy Of My Invoice?

Yes! You will be emailed a copy of your invoice upon purchasing any products from our store.

You can also access all previous invoices from the Purchase History page

Still Have Some Questions? 

If you still have a question, please shoot us a message via our Contact Page.

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