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Policies & Procedures Template Bundle for Queensland

Check out our Policies & Procedures Template Bundle for Queensland – You can easily customise these policy & procedure templates for your workplace!

Our policy & procedure templates are suitable for any construction business conducting work in Queensland looking to improve its Work Health & Safety compliance!

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How To Download The Policies & Procedures Template Bundle

To download our policy & procedure template bundle for Queensland, click the Purchase button below and head to the checkout. After entering your information you will then be able to download the Policies & Procedures Bundle in Microsoft Word format.

If you have any trouble downloading our Policies & Procedures Bundle templates or other Work Health & Safety templates, you can contact us at any time.

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What Is Included In Our Policies & Procedures Template Bundle?

Our Policies & Procedures Bundle contains 39 Policies & Procedures that include all relevant legislative requirements for construction businesses in QLD.

Our policy & procedure templates are not blank!

Each and every one of our policy & procedure templates has been filled out by one of our qualified work health and safety professionals, with all of the relevant job steps, considerations and safety controls filled out.

All you need to do is customise the template for your worksite, add your logo and you’re ready to go!

You’ll save over $100 by purchasing these Policy & Procedure Templates as a bundle!

The following documents are included in this Policies & Procedures Template Bundle:

  1. Work Health & Safety Policy
  2. Environmental Policy
  3. Risk Management Policy & Procedure
  4. Incident Management Policy & Procedure
  5. Hazard Management Policy
  6. Consultation, Communication & Training Policy 
  7. Emergency Management Policy & Procedure
  8. Monitoring & Review Policy
  9. Hazardous Substances Policy & Procedure
  10. Office Safety Policy & Procedure
  11. Noise Management Policy
  12. Work at Heights Policy & Procedure
  13. Hot Work Policy & Procedure
  14. Manual Handling Policy & Procedure
  15. Workplace Amenities & Hygiene Policy
  16. Workplace & Sexual Harassment Policy & Procedure 
  17. Working In Dusty Environments Policy
  18. Visitor Policy
  19. Working in Confined Spaces Policy
  20. Plant & Equipment Maintenance Policy & Procedure
  21. Take 5 Policy & Procedure
  22. Smoking, Drug & Alcohol Policy
  23. Safe Work Premises Policy
  24. Return to Work Policy & Procedure
  25. Personal Protective Equipment Policy
  26. Housekeeping Policy
  27. Heat Stress Policy
  28. First Aid Policy
  29. Electrical Safety Policy & Procedure
  30. Job Safety Analysis Policy
  31. Fitness For Work Policy
  32. Fatigue Management Policy & Procedure
  33. Document Control Policy & Procedure
  34. Disciplinary Action Policy & Procedure
  35. Equipment Isolation Policy & Procedure
  36. Company Vehicle Policy
  37. Transport & Storage Policy & Procedure
  38. Vehicle & Equipment Policy & Procedure
  39. Road Transport Management Policy & Procedure

Policy & Procedure Example

Want to try out an example policy first? No worries! Check out our Free Work Health & Safety Policy Template, which you can download instantly today. All of our pre-filled Policies & Procedures have been created based upon this example policy layout.

Where Can I Find More WHS Templates for My Industry?

Here at Work Safety QLD our mission is to make Work Health & Safety compliance easier for small businesses. We are constantly updating our Safety Store with pre-filled WHS Templates for Queensland, along with a huge variety of safety documents and free WHS templates for Queensland.

PDF Document Sample of our Free Work Health & Safety Policy Template for Queensland

If you are unable to view the sample, you can click this link to download a copy.

How Can I Access My Download?

Upon purchasing your product you will be emailed a link which you can click to download your product.

You can also view and re-download any previous purchases via the Purchase History page.

How Long Do I Have To Access My Download?

Download links will be valid for 72 hours after your purchase. If you have made a purchase and missed the deadline, contact us today for help.

How Can I Add My Logo & Customise My Document?

Its super easy to add or delete information from any of our document templates.

All of our products are available in either Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs or Google Sheets format and can be fully customised with your business logo and information.

You can use the free version of Microsoft Office Online to edit Microsoft documents, or the free version of Google Workspace to edit Google documents.

Still Have Some Questions?

If you still have a question please make sure to visit out Frequently Asked Questions page, or shoot us a message via our Contact page.


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