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Rigging & Dogging SWMS

Check out our Rigging & Dogging SWMS Template for Queensland – You can use this template to create a Rigging & Dogging Safe Work Method Statement (Otherwise known as SWMS) for your workplace!

This Safe Work Method Statement template is suitable for any Rigging & Dogging or crane business in Queensland looking to improve its Work Health & Safety compliance!

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To download our Rigging & Dogging SWMS template for Queensland, click the Purchase button below and head to the checkout. After entering your information you will then be able to download the Rigging & Dogging SWMS in Microsoft Word format.

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What Is Covered In Our Rigging & Dogging SWMS?

Our Rigging & Dogging SWMS contains risk assessments and safety controls for Rigging & Dogging Safety.

The following hazards relating to Rigging & Dogging have been addressed in this SWMS:

  • Pre-Start Checks
  • Unregistered or defective rigging and dogging equipment / lifting equipment 
  • Insufficient inspections 
  • Incorrect rigging equipment / lifting equipment for the task at hand
  • Personnel unfit for work (e.g. fatigued, under the influence of drugs or alcohol)
  • Incompetent and unlicensed riggers and doggers
  • Missing or incorrect safety equipment and personal protective equipment
  • Traffic, vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians,
  • Injuries to workers or the public 
  • Damage to plant or equipment 
  • Workers and client unfamiliar with work procedures, scope of work, SWMS etc.
  • Weather; High winds, rain, lighting, heat stress, dehydration, sunburn, UV radiation, skin cancer
  • Noise hazards: hearing loss, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, stress
  • Mobile phone usage
  • Distracted workers
  • Loads not being directed safely loads incorrectly rigged up and secured
  • Insufficient lighting 
  • Poor visibility
  • Uneven ground 
  • Hazardous ground conditions
  • Underground services
  • Overhead services; Powerlines
  • Electrocution
  • Damage to property or plant 
  • Crane / Plant tip over
  • Unplanned movement of loads
  • Plant or equipment operating outside lifting capacity
  • Manual handling
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Crushing and pinching injuries
  • Collisions
  • Falls from heights
  • Work zones
  • Lack of communication systems
  • Housekeeping
  • Slip, trip and fall hazards
  • Falling objects
  • Cuts, bruises, strains or sprains
  • Being struck by objects
  • Environmental damage
  • Emergency procedures

What Job Steps Are Covered In Our Rigging & Dogging SWMS?

The following job steps relating to Rigging & Dogging have been addressed in this SWMS:

  • Pre-Start Checks
  • Arrive at work site and conduct site assessment
  • Prepare for lift – set up plant and equipment
  • Carry out lifting operations
  • Slinging / Securing Loads – Lifting General Items
  • Lifting Skip Bins, Kibbles, Brick Cages, Synthetic Sandbags
  • Slinging / Securing loose items i.e. steel bars, nuts, bolts, scaffold components
  • Slinging / Securing Loads – lifting precast concrete 
  • Slinging / Securing Loads – Formwork components, Shutters, Columns etc.
  • Slinging / Securing Loads – lifting Loose Items / Drums
  • Slinging / Securing Loads – lifting Scaffold Components / Man Boxes
  • Slinging / Securing Loads – lifting false work frames, plywood
  • Chemical Hazards (refuelling, Burst Hydraulic hoses etc.)
  • Working at Heights
  • Accidents or Incidents

PDF Document Sample of our Rigging & Dogging SWMS

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